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PCI DSS QSA Company in Chennai

Cyber Crimes are at a rage all over the world. The rate of cybercrimes being reported are at an all-time high, especially in the banking and IT industry. Customers are scared to even share their not so personal data, let alone the card details or private data. Big firms are going out of their ways to maintain their IT security. Most of the companies that have no specialized IT department are now outsourcing the security services to independent and specialized third parties.

The name that pops up when it comes to the best PCI DSS Company in Chennai is Sync Infosec. We have been in the business since 20 years. However, we have continuously kept us up to date with the changing times.

Our sole focus is on information security and everything else is secondary to us. We do not look up at our customers as vendors, rather they are our partners and we ensure that our services correspond with their IT environment and stay aligned with their strategic goals.

We are not asking for anyone’s blind faith; rather make sound decisions based on our already established brand image. Our name in this field is recognized both locally and internationally.

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