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PCI DSS QSA Certification Company in Atlanta

Running a business requires a lot of skills and work management, if you are running your business in Atlanta city or anywhere round the globe you have to make sure that you are PCI certified. PCI compliance in Atlanta is same as done in other countries, getting your organisation PCI certified ensures that your business gets quick and through cards are done easily without getting hacked. PCI DSS in Atlanta has framed such regulations that protects the card users from frauds.

The necessity of compliance depends on how many VISA transactions a business faces:

  • A business that faces more than 6 million transactions every year are on the first level of compliance, for them PCI DSS Certification in Atlanta or where ever they are running their business becomes important.
  • Other than this if a business has less than 20,000 Visa Card transactions in a year are regarded to be in fourth level of compliance requirement.
  • Besides whatever is level of compliance of your business, you have to obtain PCI certification and for doing this, any of the QSA Company in Atlanta can be approached. Managed PCI QSA in Atlanta help protect the IT systems and improve their compliance. All this helps to reduce data breaching and also save the business from various type of penalties, legal consequences, downtime, and losses.

What are the requirements to comply with PCI DSS?

PCI compliance is an act to apply for card related information security that are included in the PCI security standards. Getting your cards information secured is an important task failure of which can have many serious consequences not only on your business but also on your customers, and your financial institution. Hiring PCI QSA is the best method of protecting your information from getting breached. PCI Compliance in Atlanta ensures that:

  • All your assets and business process that are processed through cards are analysed for any vulnerabilities.
  • Fix any vulnerability if it is found.
  • Compiling the records that are required by PCI DSS to validate remediation.
  • Submission of compliance report if any to the bank and to global payment brands whom you do business.

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