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PCI DSS QSA Certification Company in Chicago

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and advanced, keeping this thing in mind the Payment card industry has made a high profile security system that protects the card holder’s information from getting leaked during transactions. PCI Compliance in Chicago is a result of applying information security best practices that are included in the PCI security standards.

PCI DSS is not a law, it is not posed on the business owners but it a globally recognized and university accepted security protocol that is framed by PCI DSS in Chicago, it keeps an eye on a company’s computing integrity so as to keep their consumers and vendors financial information safe. PCI DSS created framed rules for the merchants ensures that any company who processes, stores or transmits credit card information maintains the infrastructural security, it also ensures to make a secure pathway to transfer financial information.

PCI DSS Certification in Chicago can be done by hiring QSA’s. PCI QSA’s in Chicago are available all over the city and can be reached either through e-mail or phone. Before hiring them you can go through the PCI Security Standards Council’s Website that will help you to completely understand what it is and how you are affected if you do not comply with it.

Validation of compliance is either done externally or internally that totally depends on the number of card transactions done but it is mandatory that the compliance should be performed annually whatever is the size of the company.

As stated above for annual validation QSA Company in Chicago are very helpful. Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) are very helpful in accessing compliances of bigger companies, while the ones having smaller business have an option of self-verification through Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

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